WillaKenzie Estate

Named after the marine sedimentary soil that defines it, WillaKenzie Estate is one of Oregon's top flight wine producers: a small, family-owned winery making wonderfully intense but balanced wines exclusively from the Pinot family of grapes from their own estate vineyards. Here there is a profound respect for the character of the soil and its effect on the wines made from the vines which grow there, with different bottlings from different single vineyards. Many different clones are used in the vineyards, both Dijon and more heritage types such as Pommard and Wadenswil. In the cellars there are innovations such as the in-house designed mechanical punch down robot (affectionately known as Big-Foot), and powerful refrigeration units by the vineyards to cool and/ or dry out grapes just harvested. Like at most Oregon wineries there is a strong preoccupation with working in an environmentally aware manner (sustainability): the woodlands, pasture and native plants help to maintain biodiversity and are home to hawks, owls, coyotes and the like which help to control the rodent population. For the health of their soils WillaKenzie use organic fertilisers and fungicides rather than synthetic ones, and no herbicides. Attention to detail, solid investment, skilled grape-growing and winemaking and impeccable vineyards result in reliably high quality wines which fuse elegance and power from one of Oregon’s smartest estates.