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    Plan B Wines: Western Australia: the creation of a couple of chaps bored by what the wine business had become, who had been poking around long enough to remember when being a winemaker was fun, and drinking the stuff was good for you ... and fun. These are off-piste, off centre wines that are thoroughly delicious and will improve any occasion. All are made in a style which is fruit forward with savoury complexity, usually with an unusual twist. Here is what they say about each other:

    Bill Crappsley, winemaker

    Bill has racked up 53 vintages in a career that has spanned almost 50 years.  He has made wine all over Australia, and some have even won big, heavy trophies. Really.Thankfully, despite this super human achievement he still refuses to act his age.  Most winemakers would have traded the Mazda on a Winnebago by now, but not Bill. Loyalty is his greatest attribute and perseverance his greatest gift to wine.  “It’s fun, when you’re into it,” says Bill with those sparkling blue eyes glinting.  We think it's fun when you're good at it.

    Terry Chellapah, other stuff

    It was famously written a few years ago that Terry hadn’t achieved much in wine, despite many misadventures along the way. Around that time, he was also quoted as saying “I hope the Plan B! Project turns things around.”  To call him a wine visionary would be ridiculous.  Terry runs the business, and pretty much does everything except the winemaking and viti, as there isn’t really anyone else to do it all.  He finds the time for this in between rocking the bass guitar, and researching bars.  He is much better at one than the other.



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