The Côtes de Thongue is approximately 30 miles south-west of Montpellier. The village of Alignan du Vent itself sits squarely in the middle of this expanse of vineyard which stretches over 850 hectares between Béziers and Pézanas, between the schisty foothills of Escandorgues and the Mediterranean 20kms away. The 250 strong cooperative, Les Vignerons d’Alignan du Vent makes these wines. It is entirely representative of the new wave of Languedoc winemaking where the slate has been wiped clean and the recipe entirely re-written. New vines have been planted which reflect what people actually want, new structures implemented and modern equipment installed in order to ensure consistently high quality. 
All grapes are de-stemmed, night time harvest is carried out for the most sensitive grapes, low fermentation temperatures between 15°C and 17°C­­ for the whites. No oak is used in any of the wines to promote freshness and fruit.

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