Migration Pinot Noir began in 2001 as the junior wine to Duckhorn’s distinguished Goldeneye Pinot Noir. Now it has developed into a mini brand of its own with an accompanying Chardonnay. Migration's exploration of the classic Burgundian varieties began in the Anderson Valley where Duckhorn cultivates four estate Pinot Noir vineyards, spanning 207 vine acres. Shaped by the valley's cool nights, fog-shrouded mornings and mild, sunny afternoons, this high-class fruit became the core of Migration's stylistic identity, producing sophisticated wines with abundant fruit and bright acidity. Since then Pinot Noir production for Migration has become centred on the Russian River Valley. Building on what Migration had already achieved with Pinot Noir, making Chardonnay in a similar style became a natural next step. In 2008, Migration produced its first Chardonnay, using fruit from top vineyard sources in the Russian River Valley. Winemaker Bo Felton was appointed to the role in 2014 after training as assistant winemaker for both Migration and Goldeneye, producing a pair of wines that blend ripe fruit and vibrant acidity.