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    “The moment that everything changed, we drove from Sonoma to Napa via the Oakville grade. When we reached the top, we stopped and looked down on a spectacular sea of vineyards. Cu­riously, the vineyard we bought is the one that we saw that moment, and every time we drive over the grade we think of that day,” Dennis Groth recalled. He and Judy Groth purchased that 121 acre parcel in the prestigious appel­lation of Oakville in 1981. In 1982, they added a second vineyard of 44 acres located south of Yountville. These vineyards, which total 165 acres on the val­ley floor of Napa, are still the primary source of grapes for all the wines pro­duced by Groth Vineyards. The estate is now managed by their daughter, Suzanne.


    Of course, all four wines are excellent in their own different ways, but the most iconic of all of them is the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This comes from a narrow strip of the Oakville Estate Vineyard which produces partic­ularly outstanding fruit and is widely and justifiably considered one of the best Cabernets of the Napa Valley. The style of the wines from Groth consis­tently shows a marked level of elegance and balance along with the classic, ripe style one expects of Napa, the Cabernets showing a fine line of acidity and graininess of tannic texture which beautifully sets off the ripe fruit.
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