Walt and Joan Flowers purchased 321 acres on the northern Sonoma Coast, high above the Pacific Ocean in 1989 with the intention of producing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in a place they believed uniquely suited to growing them. This part of the world is the extreme Sonoma Coast, actually on the coast. Most of the “Sonoma Coast” appellation isn’t, hence the Flowers’s insistence on the expression: “True Sonoma Coast”. Initially they planted 21 acres on a narrow ridge long known as Camp Meeting Ridge, a warm site in a cool climate largely above the fogs but still cooled by the ocean breeze. This vineyard still represents the heart and soul of the winery. With elevations ranging from 1150 to 1375 feet it is just two miles from the Pacific. A new site was planted in 2001: two distinct vineyards which make up the Flowers Ranch: the Frances Thompson Vineyard and Sea View Ridge Vineyard. Elevations range from 1400 to 1875 feet, again well above the summer fog which cools the site from below. Like Camp Meeting Ridge, Flowers Ranch is an ideal site in a cool climate. Views from the ridge-top vineyards offer an  unobstructed panorama of the surrounding mountains, valleys and coastline. For this reason the wines of Flowers are characterized by intensity of flavour but also by racy aromatics and acidity, elegance and finesse.