There is a core idea behind Conundrum: why shouldn’t a wine mirror, in complexity and creativity, the dishes being invented by a new generation of chefs who have no allegiance to the traditions and rules of the past? From his first vintage in1989, Jon Bolta, winemaker at Conundrum was intent on making a dramatically different white wine blend that would surpass the scope of single varietal wines. After experimenting with eleven different white wine grapes, he chose the three that he considered the key ingredients, the aromas and flavours that form the foundation of the wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and, for its intriguing floral  character, Muscat Canelli. Then, from his “spice cabinet,” he added small amounts of Semillon and Viognier. The proportions vary slightly in each vintage. But the goal is always the same: a wine whose complexity makes it appealing to both red and white wine drinkers, a highly styled wine with some residual sweetness wine that is excellent as an apéritif and pairs beautifully with the wide-ranging, global dishes we are eating as chefs experiment with fresher and more healthy cuisines that depend on vegetables, herbs, spices and creative preparation techniques to achieve intensity of flavour.