Roussillon: Consolation is a range of wines made by Andy Cook, a deracinated Englishman now living with his family in Collioure, in partnership with Philippe Gard, using small batches of the best fruit from all the vineyards available to them. It is intended to reflect the best there is every vintage and as such changes from year to year in accordance with the quality of the fruit available. Of all the wines he makes, Andy says of his Consolation wines: “This is the range I created for fun”, and it shows in the ebullience and sheer deliciousness of the wines. He only makes two or three barrels of each wine (around 50 -75 cases) so quantities are limited, but what the wines lack for in quantity they make up for in quality, “handcrafted from start to finish” with shoot thinning, green harvest, manual picking with a rigorous selection of grapes, vertical pressing, foot-treading and manual pigeage. The wines are all Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes with the exception of The Dog Strangler which is Collioure Rouge AC.