Colene Clemens

Proprietors Joe Stark and his wife, Vicki named Colene Clemens Vineyards in honour of Vicki's mother. Their dream had been to have their own vineyard and winery with the hopes of creating something of natural lasting beauty and value that they could leave to their family. It took many years of searching to find the perfect place, but find it they did: a very old, abandoned farmstead and orchard that had lain fallow for many years, possessing ideal, south-facing aspect, slopes of 350ft to 650 ft and an array of high quality, proven Pinot Noir soils, not to mention fantastic views. Winemaker and vineyard manager, Steve Goff joined in 2008 with the impressive pedigree of six vintages as assistant winemaker at Beaux Freres: the only person to date to have held the position at Colene Clemens.

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