Agricola de Cadalso

Agricola de Cadalso ᛡ The Sierra de Gredos, a little to the west of Madrid, has vineyards planted at between 600m and 1200m of altitude. Despite the region’s generally hot, continental climate, the high altitude, diurnal temperature variation and granitic soils lend freshness and acidity to its wines, mostly made from Garnacha, even though they can sometimes top 15% of alcohol.
The Cooperativa Cristo del Humilladero de Cadalso was founded in 1956 by over 400 local families with vineyards in the hills surrounding the village of Cadalso de los Vidrios. But since then, as Madrid’s population has grown, it has become more profitable to replace old Garnacha and Albillo vineyards with new property developments: over 80% of the original vineyards near Cadalso de los Vidrios have already gone.
In 2015, faced with the loss of additional vineyards, the president of the cooperative, Ricardo Moreno, persuaded his neighbours, Dani Landi and Fernando Garcia (of Comando G) to become involved: if the viticulture, vinification, and quality of the finished wine could be improved, the members of the cooperative would be able to make a decent living from their vineyards rather than selling their land.
Their experience of farming small, isolated vineyards with differing expressions throughout the Gredos qualifies Dani and Fernando ideally to select complementary sites, from different elevations and with different vine ages, to blend a true village wine, and the wines are now made at Comando G.
These Agricola de Cadalso wines are highly characterful, well-made, transparent, and offered at a reasonable price while supporting local growers and preserving the village’s vineyards.