Christmas Eve, in preparation for the big day…

2014 De Toren ‘Z’ – it’s a great winter red wine, with charming old-world, Bordeaux-like characteristics (without the price tag!). 

2016 La Vierge ‘The Affair’ Pinot Noir – a really good value Pinot that packs-in a lot of wine for the price.  Earthy and savoury, it can go with food or without.    

Christmas morning, to get things going!

Definitely Champagne!  Edouard Brun, either Rose NV or Vintage 2004.  Gotta have bubbles to kick everything off!

The main event – the Christmas feast…

  • Starters: More Champagne, maybe a cheeky Iron Horse 2010 Brut Reserve.  If still, La Motte Pierneef Sauvignon Blanc or 2017 Plan B ‘DR’ Riesling.  Anything with a crisp, refreshing acidity and lower alcohol is always a plus at this stage, so you can enjoy a few glasses later on.
  • Main course: For a white, the 2016 Edetária Seleccio Blanco, my white pick of the year. Savoury, full, creamy and very elegant. My red… not totally decided but one of these: the 2016 Flowers Pinot Noir or the 2015 Antica Terra Botanica Pinot, or maybe the 2015 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon or 2014 L’Ecole #41 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon… choices, choices!
  • Desert:  Probably the Orenga de Gaffory Rappo NV.  Cat’ (my partner) dad likes Port so I think that should do the trick! Or also maybe some Chateau de la Roulerie Coteaux du Layon, if we have deserts with caramel or apricots!  

Later, by the fire or collapsed in front of the TV...

2017 Consolation Miranda Marsanne. A rich white that goes well with Christmas foods, If I’m still snacking (likely).  For a red, the 2016 Consolation Wild Boar Syrah. Something spicy to warm up with, put that boozy blanket on. 

Boxing Day with the leftovers or after a bracing walk…

Patz and Hall Dutton Ranch Chardonnay to go with the leftover poultry.  Probably also a 2017 Four Vines Lodi Zinfandel to accompany the cranberry sauce.  

When the inevitable unexpected guests drop in, what do you open?

Another bottle of 2016 Edetaria Seleccio Blanco!  It’s really is my favorite white of the year!  Could also do a 2015 Edetaria Seleccio Red if the food calls for it.

New Year’s Eve, to end the season in style…

Seems like celebration time again – I’d say that bubbles are definitely in order, probably a NV Edourd Brun, Cuvee Speciale this time though.